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Severity Levels

Severity 1

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Production application down or major malfunction resulting in a product inoperative condition. Users are unable to reasonably perform their normal functions. The specific functionality is… Read More »Severity 1

Severity 2

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Critical loss of application/service functionality or performance resulting in a high number of users unable to perform their normal functions. Major feature/product failure; inconvenient workaround… Read More »Severity 2

Severity 3

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Moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions. Minor feature/product failure, a convenient workaround exists/minor performance degradation/not… Read More »Severity 3

Severity 4

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Minor loss of application functionality, product feature requests, how-to questions. The issue consists of “how-to” questions including issues related to one or multiple modules and… Read More »Severity 4