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Approved Systems Support

Raising a Support Ticket

Registered customers email addresses will be able to take advantage of opening a support ticket by sending an email to helpdesk@approvedsystems.com.au

Unregistered customers email addresses who email helpdesk@approvedsystems.com.au could wait for 1 to 2 business days before a ticket is created. This is due to high volume of unsolicited emails contacting the mailbox. If you wish to add additional authorised contact email addresses to your account, please have the primary contact raise a ticket to add these additional email addresses.

To access current or previous tickets – Click here

Note: For faster results, attach a Windows “Steps Recorder” ZIP File to the ticket.

Raise a Support Ticket Online

Severity levels

Approved Systems Definitions of Severity Levels


  • Request for changes/adjustments
  • General Enquiries
  • Intermittant issues


  • Small Impact but services are just usable


  • Notible continual impact where disruptions are occuring


  • Non Functional Service causing disruption where alternate means is necessary to continue


  • Complete Impact where the world is ending and you forgot to pack a towel.

Managed Services Contract Level Info

Basic Support

Support Hours 8am to 5pm Weekdays

Bronze – 12 hour response

Silver – 8 hour response

Gold – 4 hour response

If you are unable to raise a support ticket via the form above or email, you can also try and initiate a support ticket via this page.

Support tickets are usually responded within 1 to 2 business days.

Support tickets are prioritised and categorised according to client’s managed services contract level, type of services provided and business impact scale.

Technical support requests are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Business impact requests that require an immediate response or direct help of technical support specialists may be processed out of turn.

General Technical Support can be obtained by calling 1300 139 257 during business hours or sending an email to helpdesk@approvedsystems.com.au.

  • Support calls will be issued a support ticket and may be assigned to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) if requests are not solvable on the spot.
    A subject matter expert may not be contactable at the point of call.
  • Where practicable, most services offered are self manageable, and the Approved Systems Helpdesk will first provide you the guidance or means to self manage your account first.

Requests to have work or tasks done which is proven to be self manageable may incur charges.

Approved Systems support cannot guarantee a fixed problem resolution period due to a number of influencing factors, amongst them:

  • Customer’s timely replies
  • Response time of a third party company/supplier
  • Subject matter experts is ill or on leave, or affected by Covid-19 or by the Current Covid-19 Pandemic Health order.
  • The need to prepare and release hot-fix, software update, new feature, etc.

Emergencies are required that both an email support ticket is created first, followed up by a call to our emergency after hours support number (02) 6113 1592

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