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Whether you are a first-time visitor or a valued returning client, we’re here to assist you with your technical needs.
Our commitment to providing timely and effective support is unwavering.

First-Time Visitors

If you’re new to Approved Systems and would like to inquire about our services or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

You can reach out to us by calling 1300 139 257 or by sending an enquiry to (Enquiries Only).
Our team is ready to answer your queries and guide you through our processes.

Ready to register as a New Customer online? Simply fill in our Registration Form.

Raising a Support Ticket

For our registered clients, raising a support ticket is a streamlined process:

  1. Assessment and Prioritisation:

    We categorize support tickets based on:
    • The client’s managed services contract level.
    • The specific services provided to the client.
    • The business impact of the request.
  2. Processing Requests

    While we typically address technical support requests in the order received, we prioritize those with significant business impacts.
    In such cases, our technical support specialists may attend to these requests out of turn, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution.
  3. How to Raise a Ticket:

Your Roadmap to Efficient Support: 4 Key Steps

Step 1

Initiate Support Request

Begin by either submitting an online Support Ticket
or send an email to
(For guidance, refer to the email template provided below.)

Step 2

Confirm & Categorise Severity

In cases where the issue is critically urgent, ensure to give us a call at 1300 139 257 immediately after submitting your ticket.
(For more details on issue severity levels, please refer to the ‘Incident Categorisation’ section below.)

If it’s non-critical, then you can skip this step.

Step 3

Await Our Response

Stand by for our team to reach out. You’ll receive a formal acknowledgment via email or phone, along with an estimated resolution time.

Step 4

Resolution and Closure

Once the solution is successfully implemented, the ticket will be officially closed.

Sample Incident Email Template

Simply Copy and Paste the information provided on the right to assist in expedite the solving a raised incident.

Subject: [Incident: Brief Description, e.g., “Printer Malfunction in Finance Department”]

1) Contract ID: [Enter Contract ID if applicable, e.g., “NA”, “<12 Digit Contract Number>”]
2) Support Package: [Select one: “None”, “Ad-Hoc”, “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”]
3) Severity Level: [Choose: “Low”, “Medium”, “High”, “Critical”]

Incident Details:

4) Detailed Problem Description:

  • Date/Time Discovered: [Enter the exact date and time of discovery]
  • Reporting Personnel: [List names of those reporting the issue]
  • Problem Description: [Concise description of the issue]
  • Error Messages/Triggers: [Detail any error messages or triggers observed]

5) Impact Analysis:

  • Working Around Issue? [Yes/No; describe the workaround if applicable]
  • Recurring Issue? [Yes/No; provide details if similar issue occurred before]

6) Attachments Supplied: [Yes/No; attach relevant files if applicable]

Additional Information:
[Optional: Provide any other information that might aid in resolving the issue]

Incident Categorisation

Approved Systems strives to fulfill the SLAs of our priority customers. Proper categorization of incidents is crucial to achieve this objective.

The table belowshows the method in which incidents should be prioritised
Incident PrioritySeverity
3 – Low
User is prevented from performing a portion of their duties.
2 – Medium
The user is prevented from performing critical time sensitive functions
1 – High
Service or major portion of the service is unavailable
Impact3 – LowOne or two personnel4 – Low3 – Normal2 – High
2 – MediumMultiple personnel3 – Normal2 – High1 – Critical
1 – HighAll users of the system2 – High1 – Critical1 – Critical
Windows Steps Recorder for Efficient Support

Using the Windows “Steps Recorder” ZIP File for Efficient Support

To help us better understand and swiftly resolve your issues, we recommend utilizing the Windows “Steps Recorder” tool. This tool captures step-by-step actions on your computer, creating a visual record of your operations. It can be immensely beneficial for our support team to visualize the exact problem you’re facing.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Launch Steps Recorder: Press the Windows key, type “Steps Recorder”, and select the app from the list.
  2. Start Recording: Click the “Start Record” button. Every action you take on the screen will now be recorded.
  3. Work through the Issue: Go through the process or actions that lead to the problem. You can also add comments at specific steps if needed.
  4. Stop and Save: Once done, click the “Stop Record” button. You’ll be prompted to save the report as a ZIP file.
  5. Attach to Ticket: Attach the saved ZIP file to your support ticket. This will give our team a visual walkthrough of the issue, aiding faster diagnosis and resolution.

Note: The “Steps Recorder” tool only captures on-screen actions. Personal information or any other sensitive details outside the recorded steps remain confidential.

By providing this visual aid, you’re enabling our team to get a firsthand look at your concerns, which often leads to faster and more accurate solutions.


Support Response Time:
Typically, general support tickets receive a response within 1 to 2 business days.

Self-Management of Services:
Many of the services we offer are designed to be self-managed. As a first step, the Approved Systems Helpdesk aims to guide you on how to manage and troubleshoot issues independently.

Potential Charges:
Please be aware that if assistance is requested for tasks that can be self-managed, there might be associated charges.

Factors Influencing Resolution Time:
We strive to address and resolve issues as swiftly as possible. However, it’s important to note that various factors can impact the resolution time, including but not limited to:

  • Timely responses from the customer.
  • Response duration from third-party companies or suppliers.
  • Availability of our subject matter experts, especially during illnesses or personal time off.
  • The necessity for hot-fixes, software updates, or the introduction of new features.

Staff Well-being and Fatigue:
The well-being of our staff is of paramount importance to us. We do not place our workers in situations that might compromise their abilities or judgment due to fatigue. Our commitment to this principle ensures that you receive support from individuals who are at their best.

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Important Notice

Regarding Support Requests

At Approved Systems, we strive to provide timely and effective support to all our clients. However, due to the increasing demand and the need to ensure the well-being of our support team, we advise that on-the-spot resolutions for support requests made via phone calls can never be guaranteed and should not be assumed.

To maintain a professional level of service, we kindly ask all customers to raise a support ticket through our Support Page or by calling us to create a support ticket first. This process allows us to manage and prioritize support requests efficiently, ensuring that all issues are addressed in a fair and timely manner.

Our support staff are dedicated professionals who work diligently to resolve your technical issues. However, providing on-the-spot support can lead to extreme pressure and fatigue, impacting their health and well-being. Continuous work without proper breaks is not sustainable and can lead to decreased morale and effectiveness.

We regularly onboard new staff to assist with support requests, and they may be in training on specific subject matters. Requests for a specific support staff member can hinder our ability to provide timely assistance and may affect the retention of our team members. Ensuring that all staff can handle a variety of issues is crucial for maintaining a robust and reliable support team.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following our support procedures. This helps us maintain a healthy work environment for our staff and ensures that we can continue to provide high-quality service to all our clients.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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