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IT Consultancy / Professional IT Support

IT consultants are experienced professionals in various IT fields, and thus come with premium rates.

Professional IT consulting rates can vary between $150 – $1000 per hour, or by pre arranged fixed pricing with a cap on number of hours used per day/week/month or across the entire project period. Approved Systems Consultancy Services covers numerous areas – From Basic IT Support for Professional Businesses to overseeing a Project during its development process.

If you are looking for Standard IT Services Support, please refer to the Approved Systems General Support Page

Approved Systems have a number of Professional IT Service Consultants.

Some may already be actively enagged with projects and are subject to availability. These consultants can be made free to provide support for you during these times but are first be placed on a monthly retainer fee. This is to allow a number of hours per month put aside for you so they can give a proper indicative available hours to their current active clients and long term projects

For example,
Neil Symons, one of our main consultants may be enagaged to work with 3x Enterprise level companies for 15 hours per week each.This produces 45 hours work allocated to Neil and each of these clients want as much time from Neil as possible. If you require an hour or two of his time for support as you requested him exclusivley, this may be arranged via a booking, He will need to re-shuffle his hours of time with these companies and work a little extra overtime to cover his contractual agreement. This is not an ideal long term solution.

To be able to utilize this consultant you will be required to sign a retainer agreement.

Retainer Agreement Pricing

Hours Per Week^Monthly Fee (ex GST)Max Hours per monthPrice per additional hour
^Unused hours are not transferrable and cannot carry over to the following period.

Ad-Hoc Pricing (No retainer, book times per availability)

Time of DayMin HoursReq <= 48hrsReq <= 24hrsReq <= 8hrsReq <=1hrs
Mon to Fri (8am to 5pm)1$150 / hour$200 / hour$225 / hour$500 / hour
Mon to Fri (Other times)1$225 / hour$250 / hour$300 / hour$750 / hour
Saturdays1$225 / hour$250 / hour$300 / hour$750 / hour
Sun and Public Holidays1$300 / hour$350 / hour$400 / hour$1000 / hour
These are pricing to enage a Professional IT Consultant outside the Normal First Level IT Helpdesk Support Services provided by Approved Systems
You use this service only for specific Professional Consultants or Subject Matter Experts

If you are looking for Standard IT Services Support, please refer to the Approved Systems General Support Page

Please contact us for more information.