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Recording your Steps to Help Solve an IT Problem

The Steps Recorder on Windows 7 is called Problem Steps Recorder (PSR), and change to Steps Recorder since on Windows 8, and is also used on Windows 10.

You can use Steps Recorder to capture the steps you take on a computer, and save them with a text description of where you click,a screen shot of each click and the commend you add. You can save them to a file and send to IT Support who can help you with the problem.

Open Steps Recorder and Start Record

Step 1: 
On the Cortana search box (right on your desktop), type in: steps recorder.
And then the Steps Recorder will appear on the top of Cortana, click to open it.


Open the Steps Recorder by this way: Start Menu >> All apps >>Windows Accessories >>Steps Recorder.

Step 2: 
After open the Steps Recorder, click on “Start Record”.

And then your operations (including the mouse click, and keyboard action) on windows will be recorded with the screenshot and text description.

Step 3:
If want to add commends, click on the “Add Comment” button, click and drag to select the area, and type in a comment on the text box, then click on “OK” to add the comment.

Step 4:
If want to end the record, click on the “Stop Record” button.

Step 5:
After a while you click on the Stop Record button, the Record Steps will be showed below the Steps Recorder.

The records were displayed with the form: “Step + text description + screenshot + Additional Details”

Step 6:
Click on the “Save” button, the recorded steps will be saved to a Zip file.

Step 9: 

Double-click on the Zip file, you can see a MHTML file, double click on the MHTML file, the recorded steps will be showed on the internet explorer automatically.

Attached Recording when you raise a Support Ticket.

Attach your Downloaded ZIP file when you contact your helpdesk Email or when Raising a Support Ticket via an online Form.