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Telephone Extension Feature Codes

These Feature codes are available to Approved Systems Hosted PBX and Voice over IP Accounts

Voicemail Access

Access your voicemail*97
Access voicemail from another extension*98<extension>

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Telephone Handsets usually send the above codes where there is a DND Button

Echo Test

Echo Test*43
Test The Quality of your VoIP Line

Call Divert

Call Forward Immediate – Activate*72
Call Forward Immediate – Deactivate*73
Call Forward Busy – Activate*90
Call Forward Busy – Deactivate*91
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable – Activate*52
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable – Deactivate*53
Does not initiate Diversions when your extension is in a Call Queue or Ring Group

Call Waiting

Call Waiting – Activate*70
Call Waiting – Deactivate*71

Call Transfer

Attended Transfer (During active call)*2
Abort Transfer*3
Complete Attended Transfer (or hangup)*4
Complete Transfer as a 3 way Conference*5
Switch between Calls *6
Dialing *2 will place existing caller on hold and the word “Transfer?” is announced, Dial the Extension or External Number and a new call is created.

Other Feature Codes

Speaking Clock*60
Speak your Extension Number*65