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Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP) Services

At Approved Systems, we specialise in providing secure and efficient administrative services for your Microsoft 365 environment. Our Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP) services are tailored to help businesses like yours manage their Microsoft 365 settings with enhanced security, control, and compliance.

Why Choose GDAP Services?

Enhanced Security: With GDAP, we can manage your Microsoft 365 environment without full administrative rights, significantly reducing security risks.

Customised Control: You maintain full control over the administrative tasks we are authorized to perform, ensuring that our access is aligned with your business requirements.

Streamlined Administration: Our expertise in Microsoft 365 management allows us to handle complex administrative tasks efficiently, freeing up your resources for other business priorities.

Transparency and Compliance: GDAP ensures a transparent administration process, meeting strict compliance standards required in today’s business environment.

Microsoft 365 environment.GDAP Services Pricing – Fixed Monthly Fee (From March 1, 2024)

Number of M365 Licensed UsersMonthly FeeAnnual Fee
1 – 5$22$220
6 – 20$30$300
21 – 50$55$550

Our GDAP Services Include:

  • Regular system checks and updates
  • Management of user accounts and permissions
  • Setup and maintenance of security configurations
  • Dedicated support for any administrative issues

Additional Services

As an Indirect Reseller of Microsoft 365 products and licenses, we also offer the convenience of consolidating your Microsoft 365 billing into a single monthly invoice. This service simplifies your financial processes, moving away from multiple anniversary cycle billings. This is a separate product however and not part of the GDAP service. Contact us for more information