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Critical Information Summary – SIP Accounts

Service to be provided: Allows businesses to adapt their legacy in-house phone systems to connect to the internet, so they operate as a VoIP system.
Minimum monthly Charge: $9.95 (plus calls)
Maximum monthly Charge: $19.95 (plus Intl/13 numbers)
Early termination Max Charge: $0.00
Minimum term applicable: 1 Month

Information about the service

What is the service?

Approved Systems’ SIP trunk service allows businesses to adapt their legacy in-house phone systems to connect to the internet, so they operate as a VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol) system.

Where is it available?

This service is available anywhere that we can supply an
NBN broadband connection or equivalent supporting low latency and jitter

What do I need to access the service?

You will need:

  • an active Approved Systems NBN plan
  • at least a 50/10 dedicated Broadband connection, or at least a 50/20 Shared internet connection with Quality of Service (QoS) enabled with any other Internet Service Provider for an additional $4.95 per month per channel.
  • a fixed voice telephone system to be supplied by you (usually your existing legacy system)
  • an analogue to VoIP adapter (see equipment fees for more details)

NOTE – Any phone system changes (eg, features or functions) will need to be made by your own phone support team. We suggest you have them onsite for installation/setup

Minimum term of the service

There is no minimum term for this service.

What is included?

Inclusions depend on the plan that you choose:

PAYG PlanPremium Call Pack
Calls to Local numbers10c per callIncluded
Calls to National numbers15c per callIncluded
Calls to Australian Mobiles30c per minuteIncluded
Calls to “13” numbers33c per call33c per call
Calls to International NumbersAs per our websiteAs per our website
Calls to 1900BlockedBlocked
International Calls are disabled by default.

Do I have to bundle anything with the service?

Pricing is based on having an active Approved Systems NBN internet connection. This is a separate service and its costs are not included on our SIP channel listed here. Internet connection costs will depend on the speed and data plan that you choose

If you are happy with your current Internet Service Provider, you can connect to Approved Systems VoIP Services for just an additional $4.99 per month per channel


Please note that this service may be restricted and/or cancelled if:

  • You fail to pay your bill.
  • You are abusive to our staff.
  • You breach our terms and conditions or our fair use policy, available at
  • Call quality is dependent on the quality of your internet connection.
  • Approved Systems does not provide access to Premium call services such as 1900 numbers.
  • By default, access to International numbers are blocked to prevent bill shock. You can request access to International numbers by calling our sales team on 1300 139 257

Information about pricing

PAYG PlanPremium
Monthly charge per Channel – BYO Equipment$9.95$19.95
Total minimum charge (for two channels plus adaptor)$37.90$77.85
An 8 Port ATA Adapter is $18 per month from Approved Systems

Set-up fee

If you require a professional installation, costs are $499 ex. GST per site.

Equipment fees

  • You will require our 8 Port ATA Analogue to VoIP Adapter.
  • You will need to pay $18 per month rental for the adapter
  • The adapter remains the property of Approved Systems and must be returned on disconnection.
    Approved Systems is responsible for its maintenance

Other possible costs

  • The prices quoted above are for two channels. Approved Systems can provide up to 8 channels if required at
    additional cost.
  • Customers may choose to opt for a Dedicated Phone Service in conjunction with their SIP trunk. This delivers your phone over a separate internet connection to ensure good call quality. This service costs $69 per month and may incur a connection fee of $350.

Exit fee

There is no exit fee for this service. All hardware must be returned to Approved Systems at your cost.


You can check your usage via our Website under login menu.

Customer service

We have an all Australian-based team who can help you with any technical support, account or sales questions. Just
give us a call on 1300 139 257, or lodge a fault via Our support hours are constantly expanding — please check our website for our current hours.


If you are not happy with your service, you can follow our dispute resolution process. For more details, see


As a last resort, If you are still not happy with the outcome of your complaint after following our dispute resolution process, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) for independent mediation. The TIO can be contacted by calling 1800 062 058 or visiting the TIO website at

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