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Online fax to email services with Approved Systems Fax2Email

Fax machines can be bulky that take up space and cost more in maintenance. It has lost its place in the modern workplace. As many have predicted, fax as we know it is dead. But what if you still need it just for the occasional fax or to satisfy Dinosaur compliance standards?

Some Medical Industries may still require faxes to ensure receipt of delivery for Patient referrals

Approved Systems Fax2Email (Fax to Email) gives businesses a convenient and economical way of keeping their fax service through a cloud-based fax solution.

How does Fax2Email work?

1 – Sender’s Fax

Fax is sent to the number Approved Systems supplies to you

2 – Fax Server

The fax is received on our servers, converted to a PDF and emailed to you.

3 – Receiver’s Email

Simply open the email attachment to view.

More Features

Go Digital

All your faxed documents are now in Digital Format for easy archiving and retrieval


Access your faxes from anywhere, anytime.

The Paperless Office

Be part of the paperless office and minimise office waste with a virtual fax service.

Equipment out the door

Keep your overhead costs low with a fax to email service. No More Bulky machinery and cost of ink/toner.

Top Secret

Keep your information confidential and private. No more loose documents left around the office.

Maintain Existing Numbers

You can keep your existing fax number and transfer to Approved Systems Fax Services for a one off porting fee and from an additional $4.95 per month