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The Importance of Trusting all our Support Team

A Story of why you need to accept help from other Approved Systems Staff

Imagine this scenario: A customer, let’s call him Alex, is facing a technical issue and calls our support line, specifically asking for Fred. Fred is known for his expertise and has assisted Alex in the past. However, James, another capable support staff member, answers the call.

“Hi Alex, how can I help you today?” James asks.

“I need to speak with Fred. He knows what I need,” Alex insists.

James tries to assure Alex that he can assist, “I have access to all the previous notes and can help resolve your issue.”

But Alex is adamant. “No, I’ll wait for Fred. He knows exactly what to do.”

As the morning progresses, Fred, who has been handling a lengthy support call, finally takes a short break to clear his mind. During this time, Alex calls twice more, still insisting on speaking with Fred. When Fred returns, he now has to handle a pre-scheduled, high-priority call with another customer, a Gold-level client, which runs over time due to its complexity.

Fred finishes the call, exhausted, and takes a brief lunch break to recharge. Meanwhile, Alex is growing increasingly frustrated, feeling that his issue is being ignored because he hasn’t been able to speak with Fred.

Finally, Fred returns from lunch and calls Alex back. It turns out that Alex’s issue was a simple feature enable request that James could have handled quickly and efficiently. Alex is upset about the delay, feeling that the service was not delivered promptly. James, on the other hand, feels undervalued and unappreciated. Despite his willingness and ability to help, he was repeatedly turned away.

This scenario highlights a critical issue: by insisting on speaking only with Fred, customers inadvertently overburden him and overlook the capabilities of other skilled team members like James. This not only leads to delays in service but also affects the morale of the support team. When staff members feel underappreciated, they may seek opportunities elsewhere, leading to a loss of valuable talent from our support team and leaving Fred with a larger workload to bear, now having to spend time seeking new talent.

To provide the best possible service, it’s important to trust and work with any of our support staff. They are all trained, knowledgeable, and capable of resolving your issues. By doing so, you help ensure a more efficient support process and contribute to a positive work environment where all team members feel valued.

Remember, every member of our team is here to help you. Let’s work together to make sure everyone receives the support they need, promptly and efficiently.