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Request an Onsite Booking or Quote

Canberra (ACT) and surrounding area

Approved Systems Vehicle

This service page is strictly for Onsite Bookings and for obtaining quotes.

For Technical support,
please use our “Get Support” Page.

Services include:

(But not limited to)

  • Virus Removals
  • Fixing Slow Computer Problems
  • Fixing Slow or No Internet Connection Issues
  • Setting up Wireless Networks
  • Hardware/Peripheral Replacements
  • Recovery of deleted data
  • Setting up a new Computer
  • Data Transfer
  • Security Audit

Any work requested past the agreed booking time may incur a re-book and a re-visit. Our onsite technicians sometimes are booked back-to-back and our ethic is to be on time with all bookings.

On completion of allocated booking slots we have agreed to work under, a charge is raised and invoiced. This sometimes will be regardless if the work has been completed or not.

We will do our best to complete work inside the booking agreed upon time, but unknown and unexpected factors can occur.

Coverage Map

Additional charges are incurred outside a 50km radius from our dispatch location.

Our Rate is $1.10 per km (inc. GST) above the first 50km travelled.

If there is a parking fee, we will absorb the first $5.00 and on charge any additional parking fees.

Please see our On Site Rate Card for service charges