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Hosted PBX Features

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IVR (Menu Options)

Interactive Voice Response – “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service” – followed by sub menus. Customers must provide recording to Approved Systems to create the IVR.


Queues are used by the system to place your customer’s calls in a queue until a resource becomes available. Advertisements or music can be played while on hold


A conference allows a group of people to participate in a phone call. When users leave or arrive they can be announced, a maximum number of participants can also be set.

Extension Dialling

Each user on the system is allocated an extension and can be called via this extension. Extensions can be located anywhere in Australia, thereby providing you with free calls between locations.

Park Call

Park a caller and a voice prompt reads out what slot they are using (for example, slot 7701). Another person who needs to pick up the call dials 7701 to answer the parked call.

Call Transfer

A call can be placed on hold while you call another extension, which allows you to have a private conversation before the caller on hold is connected to the new extension.


You can have voicemail on each extension, and passcodes can be set to restrict access.

Voicemail to Email

This simply attaches any voicemails into an email as an audio file and emails them to the recipient.

Ring Groups

“Ring Groups” sends a call to be received by more than one internal extension. The option is used most often for picking up calls received on a certain line and sending them to a certain department.

Time Conditions

This feature allows you to configure times of day when a certain IVR or call flow takes place. For example: Outside of business hours calls might divert to mobile or they might be greeted by a prompt that says, “We are closed, please call back between 9am and 5pm”.

Call Recording

Crucial to certain endeavours. In most situations, recorded data is used later during-decision making processes that affect operations, to improve productivity. Data aggregated from recordings works into training material, provides analytics during reviews and assists in special scenarios.

Music On Hold

Play custom music or advertisements while your customers are waiting for you to answer their call. SpinTel offers a default ‘free’ music file if you can’t provide your own.

CDR Call Reporting

Some call reporting functionality provided.


Announcements are recordings plus an action. An announcement is configured in such a way that it, first of all, plays the announcement/recording, and can then perform an action afterwards.

Speed Dial

Use short dial strings to call other people. For example, 01 might dial the CEO’s mobile number.