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Windows and MacOS
Protect your Internet Traffic with UberVPN

UberVPN will cloak your IP address and protects your connection with robust encryption. This way, you can keep your personal data safe and private whatever you decide to do online – check your email, make a bank transfer or just read the news.

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Protection yourself from

ISP tracking

Your ISP knows a lot about who you are and what you do online. They can, and often do, sell this data to advertisers.

Account breaches

If a cybercriminal hacks your email account, they can also access all the accounts and devices that are linked to that email.

Identity theft

Identity thieves can steal your personal information to open new accounts, apply for credit or make purchases in your name.

Wi-Fi hacking

From Wi-Fi sniffing to man-in-the-middle attacks, snoopers have many ways to swipe passwords and other sensitive data.

Malware infection

Once malware slips into your device, it can be used to extract information, steal money, or lock your files and ask for ransom.

DDoS attacks

Getting hit by a DDoS attack is no fun—it can slow down your connection to a crawl or even disconnect you from the game.